Get your app done in just hours!

Convert your mobile/responsive website to an Android app with no code required.


Custom loader

You can customize your loader/offline/unavailable/splash message. It also has pull-to-refresh feature.

Clean Interface

It uses a native menu, with native sharing options and allows native content search. Compatible with HTML5 video playback.


Google analytics is incoporated so you can follow all your useres habits and behaviours.

Customize to your taste

You can customize all colors, icons, images, dialogs, text, menu options and many other things, without a single line of code.

Save money

Avoid having to pay thousands to a developer team. Admob banners and interstitial ads are incorporated with no coding required. Android Gingerbread up to Lollipop compatibility.


Allows LITE mode option if you have a lowend version of our site. Users can also change text size or enable/disable HW acceleration for better compatibility.

JS injections

If you which to have things diferent from your website like hide elements that make no sense in an app scenario (like menus, headers and footers), you can add JS injections to aplly those changes in realtime.

Cloud backoffice with AndroidButler

Frankendroid uses AndroidBulter API. You can get user feedback, customize welcome/update/maintenance messages and manage other app lifycle options.

Try to see it in actionCheck some features in the screenshots and watch a detailed demo video


Compatible with any site. No changes to the site are required. HTML5 video compatible. Supports Android 2.3+. Allows JS injections to hide elements you will no need like headers and footers.

imageNo more browsers for your users. Your app will be available from the Launcher. You will also gain visibility on the PlayStore. imageFully customizable. Colors, images, texts, dialogs, etc. You personalize all without any coding. imageAndroidButlerAPI in Frankendroid lets you manage welcome| maintenance| update| url dialogs in realtime without having to release new versions. It also allows you a quicker turnover on new app versions. imageCompatible with any website. No changes to the website are required. HTML5 video compatible even for Android versions older than JB. Supports Android 2.3+. Allows JS injections to hide elements you will no need like headers and footers. imageYou can share app contents as well as the app itself. Frankendroid uses native sharing. imageYou can even create custom sharing messages. imageNative sliding menu with HW acceleration. You have the option to add dynamic and static menu icons and can give specific colors to text and rows in case you need to. imageYou can add settings to your app. Allow CACHE enable/disable. Allow HW Acceleration enable/disable. Allow user to change text size. Allow LITE|TABLET mode if you have a lowend or tablet version of your website. imageAndroidButler allows you to gather user feedback and sugestions and even reply back to the user. Frankendroid implements Google Anlytics for Android that gives you all metrics you need in realtime and via reports. imageYou can incorporate your website search via the main menu of the app. imageThe results will be presented to the user like if he had searched on your website's search field. imageFrankendroid has loading screen and animation, pull-to-refresh feature. imageThere are also no-content and no-connection|offline screens for user interaction. imageFrankendroid is AdMob ready for banners or interstitial ads or both. You can define the interstitial show conditions.

All this and much more with no coding required.

FULLY customizable
ZERO coding required
FAST to build
COMPATIBLE with Android 2.3+
NATIVE interface

Designed & Developed by Pedro Branco CT